Query Clustering using Click-Through Graph

In this p aper w e describe a problem of d iscovering query clusters from a click -through graph of w eb search logs. The graph consists of a set of web search queries, a set of pag es selected for the queries, and a set of d irected edges that connects a query node and a page node click ed by a user for the query. The proposed method extracts all m axim al b ipartite cliques (b icliques) from a click-through graph and compute an equiv alence set of queries (i.e., a query cluster) from the m axim al bicliques. A cluster of queries is form ed from th e queries in a biclique. We present a scalable algorithm that enumerates all maximal bicliques from the click-through graph. We h ave conducted experim ents on Yahoo web search queries and the result is p romising.
Published in 2009