A RIF-Style Semantics for RuleML-Integrated Positional-Slotted, Object-Applicative Rules

In F-logic and RIF, objects (frames) are defined entirely separately from function and predicate applications. In POSL and RuleML, these fundamental notions are integrated by permitting applications with optional object identifiers and, orthogonally, arguments that are positional or slotted. The resulting positional-slotted, object-applicative (psoa) terms are given a novel formalization, reducing the number of RIF terms by generalizing its positional and slotted (named-argument) terms as well as its frame terms and class memberships. Like multi-slot frames do for slotted descriptions, multi-tuple psoa terms accommodate for (Web-)distributed positional descriptions of the same object identifier (IRI). The syntax and semantics of these integrated terms and rules over them are defined as PSOA RuleML in the style of RIF-BLD. The semantics provides a novel first-order model-theoretic foundation, blending frame triplification, as in F-logic and RIF, with integrated psoa terms, as in POSL and RuleML.
Published in 2011