The SILK System: Scalable and Expressive Semantic Rules

SILK is a new knowledge representation (KR) language and system that integrates and extends recent theoretical and implementation advances in semantic rules and ontologies. It addresses fundamental requirements for scaling the Se- mantic Web to large knowledge bases in science and busi- ness that answer questions, proactively supply info, and rea- son powerfully. SILK radically extends the KR power of W3C OWL RL, SPARQL, and RIF-BLD, as well as of SQL and production rules. It includes defaults (cf. Courteous LP), higher-order features (cf. HiLog), frame syntax (cf. F-Logic), external actions (cf. production rules), and sound interchange with the main existing forms of knowledge/data in the Semantic Web and deep Web. These features cope with knowledge quality and context, provide flexible meta- reasoning, and activate knowledge.
Published in 2009