A Software ToolKit for Viewing Annotated Multimodal Data Interactively over the Web

This paper describes a software toolkit for the interactive display and analysis of automatically extracted or manually derived annotation features of visual and audio data. It has been extensively tested with material collected as part of the FreeTalk Multimodal Conversation Corpus. Both the corpus and the software are available for download from sites in Europe and Japan. The corpus consists of several hours of video and audio recordings from a variety of capture devices, and includes subjective annotations of the content, along with derived data obtained from image processing. Because of the large size of the corpus, it is unrealistic to expect researchers to download all the material before deciding whether it will be useful to them in their research. We have therefore devised a means for interactive browsing of the content and for viewing at different levels of granularity. This has resulted in a simple set of tools that can be added to any website to allow similar browsing of audio- video recordings and their related data and annotations
Published in 2010