PropBank Instance Annotation Guidelines Using a Dedicated Editor, Jubilee

This paper gives guidelines of how to annotate Propbank instances using a dedicated editor, Jubilee. Propbank is a corpus in which the arguments of each verb predicate are annotated with their semantic roles in relation to the predicate. Propbank annotation also requires the choice of a sense ID for each predicate. Jubilee facilitates this annotation process by displaying several resources of syntactic and semantic information simultaneously: the syntactic structure of a sentence is displayed in the main frame, the available senses with their corresponding argument structures are displayed in another frame, all available Propbank arguments are displayed for the annotators choice, and example annotations of each sense of the predicate are available to the annotator for viewing. Easy access to each of these resources allows the annotator to quickly absorb and apply the necessary syntactic and semantic information pertinent to each predicate for consistent and efficient annotation. Jubilee has been successfully adapted to many Propbank projects in several universities. The tool runs platform independently, is light enough to run as an X11 application and supports multiple languages such as Arabic, Chinese, English, Hindi and Korean
Published in 2010