A General Purpose FrameNet-Based Shallow Semantic Parser

In this paper we present a new FrameNet-based Shallow Semantic Parser. Shallow Semantic Parsing has been a popular Natural Language Processing task since the 2004 and 2005 CoNLL Shared Task editions on Semantic Role Labeling, which were based on the PropBank lexical-semantic resource. Nonetheless, efforts in extending such task to the FrameNet setting have been constrained by practical software engineering issues. We hereby analyze these issues, identify desirable requirements for a practical parsing framework, and show the results of our software implementation. In particular, we attempt at meeting requirements arising from both a) the need of a flexible environment supporting current ongoing research, and b) the willingness of providing an effective platform supporting preliminary application prototypes in the field. After introducing the task of FrameNet-based Shallow Semantic Parsing, we sketch the system processing workflow and summarize a set of successful experimental results, directing the reader to previous published papers for extended experiment descriptions and wider discussion of the achieved results
Published in 2010