ADESSE, a Database with Syntactic and Semantic Annotation of a Corpus of Spanish

This is an overall description of ADESSE ( Base de datos de verbos, Alternancias de Diatesis y Esquemas Sintactico-Semanticos del Espanol ), an online database ( with syntactic and semantic information for all clauses in a corpus of Spanish. The manually annotated corpus has 1.5 million words, 159,000 clauses and 3,450 different verb lemmas. ADESSE is an expanded version of BDS ( Base de datos sintacticos del espanol actual ), which contains the grammatical features of verbs and verb-arguments in the corpus. ADESSE has added semantic features such as verb sense, verb class and semantic role of arguments to make possible a detailed syntactic and semantic corpus-based characterization of verb valency. Each verb entry in the database is described in terms of valency potential and valency realizations (diatheses). The former includes a set of semantic roles of participants in a particular event type and a classification into a conceptual hierarchy of process types. Valency realizations are described in terms of correspondences of voice, syntactic functions and categories, and semantic roles. Verbs senses are discriminated at two levels: a more abstract level linked to a valency potential, and more specific verb senses taking into account particular lexical instantiations of arguments
Published in 2010