Creating a Coreference Resolution System for Italian

This paper summarizes our work on creating a full-scale coreference resolution (CR) system for Italian, using BART ? an open-source modular CR toolkit initially developed for English corpora. We discuss our experiments on language-specific issues of the task. As our evaluation experiments show, a language-agnostic system (designed primarily for English) can achieve a performance level in high forties (MUC F-score) when re-trained and tested on a new language, at least on gold mention boundaries. Compared to this level, we can improve our F-score by around 10% introducing a small number of language-specific changes. This shows that, with a modular coreference resolution platform, such as BART, one can straightforwardly develop a family of robust and reliable systems for various languages. We hope that our experiments will encourage researchers working on coreference in other languages to create their own full-scale coreference resolution systems ? as we have mentioned above, at the moment such modules exist only for very few languages other than English
Published in 2010