A Description of Morphological Features of Serbian: a Revision Using Feature System Declaration

In this paper we discuss some well-known morphological descriptions used in various projects and applications (most notably MULTEXT-East and Unitex) and illustrate the encountered problems on Serbian. We have spotted four groups of problems: the lack of a value for an existing category, the lack of a category, the interdependence of values and categories lacking some description, and the lack of a support for some types of categories. At the same time, various descriptions often describe exactly the same morphological property using different approaches. We propose a new morphological description for Serbian following the feature structure representation defined by the ISO standard. In this description we try do incorporate all characteristics of Serbian that need to be specified for various applications. We have developed several XSLT scripts that transform our description into descriptions needed for various applications. We have developed the first version of this new description, but we treat it as an ongoing project because for some properties we have not yet found the satisfactory solution
Published in 2010