A Lexicon of French Quotation Verbs for Automatic Quotation Extraction

Quotation extraction is an important information extraction task, especially when dealing with news wires. Quotations can be found in various configurations. In this paper, we focus on direct quotations introduced by a parenthetical clause, headed by a quotation verb . Our study is based on a large French news wire corpus from the Agence France-Presse. We introduce and motivate an analysis at the discursive level of such quotations, which differs from the syntactic analyses generally proposed. We show how we enriched the Lefff syntactic lexicon so that it provides an account for quotation verbs heading a quotation parenthetical, especially those extracted from a news wire corpus. We also sketch how these lexical entries can be extended to the discursive level in order to model quotations introduced in a parenthetical clause in a complete way
Published in 2010