Sustainability of Linguistic Data and Analysis in the Context of a Collaborative eScience Environment

For researchers, it is especially important that primary research data are preserved and made available on a long-term basis and to a wide variety of researchers. In order to ensure long-term availability of the archived data, it is imperative that the data to be stored is conformant with standardized data formats and best practices followed by the relevant research communities. Storing, managing, and accessing such standard-conformant data requires a repository-based infrastructure. Two projects at the University of Tubingen are realizing a collaborative eScience research environment with the help of eSciDoc for the university that supports long-term preservation of all kinds of data as well as a fine-grained and contextualized data management: the INF project and the BW-eSci(T) project. The task of the infrastructure (INF) project within the collaborative research centre a??Emergence of Meaning? (SFB 833) is to guarantee the long-term availability of the SFBs data. BW-eSci(T) is a joint project of the University of Tubingen and the Fachinformationszentrums (FIZ) Karlsruhe. The goal of this project is to develop a prototypical eScience research environment for the University of Tubingen
Published in 2010