The Sign Linguistics Corpora Network: Towards Standards for Signed Language Resources

The Sign Linguistics Corpora Network is a three-year network initiative that aims to collect existing knowledge and practices on the creation and use of signed language resources. The concrete goals are to organise a series of four workshops in 2009 and 2010, create a stable Internet location for such knowledge, and generate new ideas for employing the most recent technologies for the study of signed languages. The network covers a wide range of subjects: data collection, metadata, annotation, and exploitation; these are the topics of the four workshops. The outcomes of the first two workshops are summarised in this paper; both workshops demonstrated that the need for dedicated knowledge on sign language corpora is especially salient in countries where researchers work alone or in small groups, which is still quite common in many places in Europe. While the original goal of the network was primarily to focus on corpus linguistics and language documentation, human language technology has gradually been incorporated as a user group of signed language resources
Published in 2010