Interacting Semantic Layers of Annotation in Sonar, a Reference Corpus of Contemporary Written Dutch

This paper reports on the annotation of a corpus of 1 million words with four semantic annotation layers, including named entities, co- reference relations, semantic roles and spatial and temporal expressions. These semantic annotation layers can benefit from the manually verified part of speech tagging, lemmatization and syntactic analysis (dependency tree) information layers which resulted from an earlier project (Van Noord et al., 2006) and will thus result in a deeply syntactically and semantically annotated corpus. This annotation effort is carried out in the framework of a larger project which aims at the collection of a 500-million word corpus of contemporary Dutch, covering the variants used in the Netherlands and Flanders, the Dutch speaking part of Belgium. All the annotation schemes used were (co-)developed by the authors within the Flemish-Dutch STEVIN-programme as no previous schemes for Dutch were available. They were created taking into account standards (either de facto or official (like ISO)) used elsewhere
Published in 2010