Top-Performing Robust Constituency Parsing of Portuguese: Freely Available in as Many Ways as you can Get it

In this paper we present LX-Parser, a probabilistic, robust constituency parser for Portuguese. This parser achieves ca. 88% f-score in the labeled bracketing task, thus reaching a state-of-the-art performance score that is in line with those that are currently obtained by top-ranking parsers for English, the most studied natural language. To the best of our knowledge, LX-Parser is the first state-of-the-art, robust constituency parser for Portuguese that is made freely available. This parser is being distributed in a variety of ways, each suited for a different type of usage. More specifically, LX-Parser is being made available (i) as a downloadable, stand-alone parsing tool that can be run locally by its users; (ii) as a Web service that exposes an interface that can be invoked remotely and transparently by client applications; and finally (iii) as an on-line parsing service, aimed at human users, that can be accessed through any common Web browser
Published in 2010