More Semantic Links in the Simple-Clips Database

Notwithstanding its acknowledged richness, the SIMPLE semantic model does not offer the representational vocabulary for encoding some conceptual links holding between events and their participants and among co-participants in events. Although critical for boosting performance in many NLP application tasks, such deep lexical information is therefore only partially encoded in the SIMPLE-CLIPS Italian semantic database. This paper reports on the enrichment of the SIMPLE relation set by some expressive means, namely semantic relations, borrowed from the EuroWordNet model and their implementation in the SIMPLE-CLIPS lexicon. The original situation existing in the database, as to the expression of this type of information is described and the loan descriptive vocabulary presented. Strategies based on the exploitation of the source lexicon data were adopted to induce new information: a wide range of semantic - but also syntactic - information was investigated for singling out word senses candidate to be linked by the new relations. The lexicon enrichment by 5,000 new relations instantiated so far has therefore been carried out as a largely automated, low-effort and cost-free process, with no heavy human intervention. The redundancy set off by such an extension of information is being addressed by the implementation of inheritance in the SIMPLE-CLIPS database (Del Gratta et al., 2008)
Published in 2008