Annotation Tool Development for Large-Scale Corpus Creation Projects at the Linguistic Data Consortium

The Linguistic Data Consortium (LDC) creates a variety of linguistic resources - data, annotations, tools, standards and best practices - for many sponsored projects. The programming staff at LDC has created the tools and technical infrastructures to support the data creation efforts for these projects, creating tools and technical infrastructures for all aspects of data creation projects: data scouting, data collection, data selection, annotation, search, data tracking and worklow management. This paper introduces a number of samples of LDC programming staff?s work, with particular focus on the recent additions and updates to the suite of software tools developed by LDC. Tools introduced include the GScout Web Data Scouting Tool, LDC Data Selection Toolkit, ACK - Annotation Collection Kit, XTrans Transcription and Speech Annotation Tool, GALE Distillation Toolkit, and the GALE MT Post Editing Workflow Management System
Published in 2008