A Web Browser Extension for Growing-up Ontological Knowledge from Traditional Web Content

While the Web is facing interesting new changes in the way users access, interact and even participate to its growth, the most traditional applications dedicated to its fruition: web browsers, are not responding with the same euphoric boost for innovation, mostly relying on third party or open-source community-driven extensions for addressing the new Social and Semantic Web trends and technologies. This technological and decisional gap, which is probably due to the lack of a strong standardization commitment on the one side (Web 2.0/Social Web) and in the delay of massive adherence to new officially approved standards (W3C approved Semantic Web languages), has to be filled by successful stories which could lay the path for the evolution of browsers. In this work we present a novel web browser extension which combines several features coming from the worlds of terminology and information extraction, semantic annotation and knowledge management, to support users in the process of both keeping track of interesting information they find on the web, and organizing its associated content following knowledge representation standards offered by the Semantic Web
Published in 2008