New Functions of FrameSQL for Multilingual FrameNets

The Berkeley FrameNet Project (BFN) is making an English lexical database called FrameNet, which describes syntactic and semantic properties of an English lexicon extracted from large electronic text corpora (Baker et al., 1998). Other projects dealing with Spanish, German and Japanese follow a similar approach and annotate large corpora. FrameSQL is a web-based application developed by the author, and it allows the user to search the BFN database in a variety of ways (Sato, 2003). FrameSQL shows a clear view of the headword?s grammar and combinatorial properties offered by the FrameNet database. FrameSQL has been developing and new functions were implemented for processing the Spanish FrameNet data (Subirats and Sato, 2004). FrameSQL is also in the process of incorporating the data of the Japanese FrameNet Project (Ohara et al., 2003) and that of the Saarbrucken Lexical Semantics Acquisition Project (Erk et al., 2003) into the database and will offer the same user-interface for searching these lexical data. This paper describes new functions of FrameSQL, showing how FrameSQL deals with the lexical data of English, Spanish, Japanese and German seamlessly
Published in 2008