A New Phase in Annotation Tool Development at the Linguistic Data Consortium: the Evolution of the Annotation Graph ToolKit

The Linguistic Data Consortium (LDC) has created various annotated linguistic data for a variety of common task evaluation programs and projects to create shared linguistic resources. The majority of these annotated linguistic data were created with highly customized annotation tools developed at LDC. The Annotation Graph Toolkit (AGTK) has been used as a primary infrastructure for annotation tool development at LDC in recent years. Thanks to the direct feedback from annotation task designers and annotators in-house, annotation tool development at LDC has entered a new, more mature and productive phase. This paper describes recent additions to LDC's annotation tools that are newly developed or significantly improved since our last report at the Fourth International Conference on Language Resource and Evaluation Conference in 2004. These tools are either directly based on AGTK or share a common philosophy with other AGTK tools
Published in 2006