The Evolution of an Evaluation Framework for a Text Mining System

The Parmenides project developed a text mining application applied in three different domains exemplified by case studies for the three user partners in the project. During the lifetime of the project (and in parallel with the development of the system itself) an evaluation framework was developed by the authors in conjunction with the users, and was eventually applied to the system. The object of the exercise was two-fold: firstly to develop and perform a complete user-centered evaluation of the system to assess how well it answered the users' requirements and, secondly, to develop a general framework which could be applied in the context of other users' requirements and (with some modification) to similar systems. In this paper we describe not only the framework but the process of building and parameterising the quality model for each case study and, perhaps most interestingly, the way in which the quality model and users' requirements and expectations evolved over time
Published in 2006