Developing a Re-Usable Web-Demonstrator for Automatic Anaphora Resolution with Support for Manual Editing of Coreference Chains

Automatic markup and editing of anaphora and coreference is performed within one system. The processing is trained using memory based learning, and representations derive from various lexical resources. The current model reaches an expected combined precision and recall of F=62. The further improvement of the coreference detection is work in progress. Editing of coreference is separated into a module working on an xml-file. The editing mechanism can thus be reused in other projects. The editor is designed to store a copy on the server of all files that are edited over the internet using our demonstrator. This might help us to expand our database of texts annotated for anaphora and coreference. Further research includes creating high coverage lexical resources, and modules for other languages. The current system is trained on Norwegian bokm al, but we hope to extend this to other languages with available tools (e.g. POS-taggers)
Published in 2006