The American National Corpus First Release

The First Release of the American National Corpus (ANC) was made available in mid-fall, 2003. The data includes approximately 11 million words of American English, including written and spoken data and a variety of text types annotated for part of speech and lemma. The corpus is provided in XML format conformant to the XML Corpus Encoding Standard (XCES) (, and is distributed in both a stand-off version (where annotation is in an XML document separate from the primary texts) and a merged version (where annotation is included in-line in the texts). The merged version includes annotation for part of speech and lemma produced by the Biber tagger; in stand-off annotation, in addition to the Biber tagging, morpho-syntactic annotations of the data are provided using the CLAWS 5 and 7 tagsets as well as several other tagsets
Published in 2004