Nexing Corpus: a Corpus of Verbal Protocols on Syllogistic Reasoning

In this paper, we describe the Nexing Corpus and report on the tools implemented and the tasks undertaken for its development. The Nexing Corpus includes (i) a collection of written transcriptions of verbal data elicited during a psycholinguistic experiment on syllogistic reasoning; and (ii) performance data concerning that experiment, such as latencies, confidence levels and accuracy of answers provided. The verbal productions recorded in the corpus are of a specific linguistic type that is seldom, if at all, represented in corpora. These data are relevant for the development of human language technologies aimed at modeling this type of linguistic behavior, which is not uncommon in evolved interactions of cooperative agents. This corpus with thinking aloud data on syllogistic reasoning is also an important source of material for cognitive science, in particular for research on the nature of human deductive reasoning
Published in 2002