Electronic Language Resources for Polish: POLEX, CEGLEX and GRAMLEX

We present theoretical results and resources obtained within three projects: national project POLEX, Copernicus 1 Project CEGLEX (1032) and Copernicus Project GRAMLEX (632). Morphological resources obtained within these projects contribute to fill-in the gap on the map of available electronic language resources for Polish. After a short presentation of some common methodological bases defined within the POLEX project, we proceed to present methodology and data obtained in CEGLEX and GRAMLEX projects. The intention of the Polish language part of CEGLEX was to test formats proposed by the GENELEX project against Polish data. The aim of the GRAMLEX project was to create a corpus-based morphological resources for Polish. GRAMLEX refers directly to the morphological part of the CEGLEX project. Large samples of data presented here are accessible at http://main.amu.edu.pl/~zlisi/projects.htm
Published in 2000