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    Left-Corner Parsing And Psychological Plausibility
    assumed, then measuring the processing load induced by a parsing strategy on these constructions may help determine its plausibility...would enumerate them in the order CEFDBHIGA. In a left-corner strategy, for each node ~1, the leftmost child of T/is enumerated...
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    Parsing As Tree Traversal
    extent, this connection is already clear since for each parsing strategy the nodes of the parse tree are constructed according...bottona-u I) parser even though it clearly follows a left-corner strategy. TREE TRAVERSAL PRO G RAM S Following O'Keefe...
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    The Ips System
    to a more detailed discussion of the "right corner" parsing strategy developed for this project. Combining top down and...
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    Using Active Constraints to Parse GPSGs
    describe the parsing strategy and its implementation. 5.1 Bot tom-up f i l te r ing Our parsing strategy relies on tile...